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They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this Rock Band.  Wix wrote that for us, we thank them.


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Giving Thanks

Thanks! is a rock trio featuring roaring saxophone, heavy and groovy bass lines, jazz influenced drums and gravely rock vocals.

Hailing from humble Saratoga Springs, NY, founding members Andrew DeWolf (bass guitar), Andrew Grella (keyboard, saxophone and vocals) and Ben Martin (drum kit) met and instantly connected musically. They wanted to do something fun and original and thus Thanks! was born.

Using a wide variety of musical influences ranging from Jazz, Rock, Metal, and Pop, Thanks! creates unique and catchy songs with the interesting instrumental lineup of bass, keyboard, saxophone and drums.

On bass guitar, Andrew DeWolf adds a melodic and stylish foundation. Originally playing in a local metal group with Ben Martin, he set out to play more diverse musical styles including: jazz, orchestral, musical theatre and blues.

Multi-instrumentalist Andrew Grella serves as the heart and soul of the band. Having jumped from project to project, he eventually began playing as a solo act with keys, saxophone and vocals and was an instant hit. Thanks! is the result of him bringing the energy of three players to a full band.

On drum kit, Ben Martin, or “Chunk” for short, brings the music to life. Currently studying for a masters in jazz, he has been playing since childhood and has a passion for drums and percussion. He met Andrew DeWolf in high school and the two have been collaborating ever since.



New York, USA


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